Recycling large
volumes of lights

RecycFluo supports business and ICI (Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial) users with their recycling processes. We offer, free of charge, recycling services for large volumes of mercury-containing lights. To see which service you qualify for, follow these steps:

Here’s how
it works

  • RecycFluo only accepts mercury-containing lights.

    Review the information below to verify if your used lights are accepted by our program:


    Halogen, Incandescents, LEDs, string/holiday lights, low-pressure sodium, liquid mercury, ballasts and light fixtures are not-accepted products.

  • For less than 15 boxes of fluorescent lights:

    • Find a collection site on Product Care’s recycling locator (the RecycFluo program is operated by Product Care).
    • Select ‘Lights – Commercial Volumes’ to find the nearest ICI recycling location near you and drop off your lights for FREE.


    • Please package your used lights in boxes for safer handling.
    • We suggest contacting the drop-off location before your visit to confirm operating hours and services.

    It is strictly prohibited to abandon materials at site.


    For 15 boxes and more (± one pallet 48x40x36 in): 

    You qualify for our free pick-up service. Proceed to next step.

    • All lights must be in sealed boxes and palletized.
    • Boxes must be secured with plastic wrap and/or strapping.
    • Do not stack your boxes higher than 4’
    • Tubes longer than 4’ must be placed on pallets of equivalent length.
    • Take a photo of each of your prepared pallets.

    For more information on how to prepare your shipment, see our guidelines.

  • Obtain a Request Form:

    • Call us at 1-888-860-1654 or email. A customer service representative will explain the process and send you the Request Form.

    Submit your request:

    *If you require a recycling certificate for your pick-up, please indicate this on the corresponding section of our Request Form.


    • Once your request has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your pick-up.